. But the 225 is WAY punchier than either of them so it's quicker on the road, just as comfy and actually has a boot the same size.

5 Avg MPG.


The 225xe’s engine, electric motor and battery pack have been taken from the BMW i8 sports car, but don’t get too excited – they have been detuned somewhat. The nicest thing we can say about this car is that it drives exactly like a regular 2 Series Active Tourer. 85 a year* when you combine one of our smart chargers with an EV-friendly tariff.

This means it has CO2 emissions of 35-38g/km and can go up to 34 miles on electric power alone, according to official figures.

* Based on "Weighted" mpg; figures depend on the proportion of miles driven in pure electric mode and may vary widely. Plus, our smart EV chargers let you schedule a charge overnight, allowing your EV to recharge its battery while you recharge yours! For rapid charging, the BMW 225xe uses. .

The point of the BMW hybrids isn't economy at all costs - that's Toyota's job. 25cents x.


0 l/100 km (combined) and CO 2 emissions of 46 g/km.

8 kWh available), compared to. 99 per ltr.

Astonishingly, the BMW 225xe comes with the same electric motor and battery pack as the BMW i8. .

0 litres/100 km (134.
The total capacity is 10.

18 Fuel-ups.

1 mpg.

4) No, not a chance. . .

. The only issue was with the electric range: 41 km (25 miles), according to BMW press releases. Fuel economy. BMW 225xe MPG. . Update on my BMW225xe mpg, I work away and when home for 5 weeks am averaging about 500 miles and its costing me around £19 to fill up again @0.

Contrarily, the electric motor provides a total of 87 hp and 122 lb-ft of torque.

5) The inbuilt iDrive efficiency gauge only goes up to 80mpg. The drivetrain features a 65-kW electric machine and a high-voltage battery with a (gross) energy capacity of 7.

Typically found at.



BMW 225xe hybrid engine, 0-62mph and acceleration.

BMW i3 120Ah, park assist.